Textbook of Therapeutics: Drug and Disease
Management (Helms, Textbook of Therapeutics)

Williams & Wilkins; Eighth Edition edition (April 1, 2006) | ISBN:
0781757347 | 2700 pages | CHM | 43 MB
This popular text continues to
help healthcare professionals and students master the basics of
therapeutics. Distinguished experts deliver in-depth information on the
latest drug treatments and therapeutic approaches for a wide range of
diseases and conditions. Comprehensive coverage includes discussion of
racial, ethnic, and gender differences in response to drugs,
biotechnological therapy, and pediatric and neonatal therapy. New case
studies and review questions allow readers to apply their knowledge of
contemporary drug therapy to patient problems. Purchasers of this text
are entitled to a bonus CD-ROM, affording instant access to the full
content of the book in a portable format.